In the language of the Feresen, 'sdhlain' means something similar to 'story cycle.' This is not entirely accurate; Fere typically come up with sdhlai in an interactive environment, such as sitting around a campfire. The competitive edge often found in bardic story cycles plays a minor role in the creation of sdhlai. Difficult situations are proposed, to be sure, but forcing a participant into only one path for their part of the story is considered seriously bad form.

This page is meant to be a place for sdhlain of our own. We don't have the warm fires and tight-knit feeling of family and community of the Feresen, but we do have the Internet, and that will have to make do.

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The First Sdhlain [Sdhlai 7: 2003.01.19]
The Second Sdhlain [Sdhlai 4: 2003.01.16]
The Third Sdhlain [Sdhlai 3: 2003.01.14]

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The First Sdhlain [Sdhlai 7: 2003.01.19] (Waiting on Blue)
The Second Sdhlain [Sdhlai 4: 2003.01.16] (Waiting on Green)
The Third Sdhlain [Sdhlai 3: 2002.01.14] (Waiting on Yellow-Green)

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