Want to know who the writers are behind the sdhlain? This probably won't help you much. But at least you can see all of the colours on one page.

I gently push friends--new, old, and myself--to flex those writing muscles in a friendly environment; it doesn't hurt that I get to have fun doing it.

I was a perfectionist--read the best, wanted to write like the best, couldn't write anything--so now I'm learning to just do my best because something is always better than nothing.

I'm a small orange egotist who sleeps on the computer monitor, knocks things off shelves, steals lettuce, licks butter, whines a lot, and unrolls toilet paper rolls into piles on the floor.

I now consign myself to being one of the ten thousand monkeys; I just have to find my friends and immortal life, and I will be greater than Shakespeare.

I'm fifteen going on sixteen, and I like to listen to my large and comically weird circle of friends, so the way that I make a character talk, and the feel of how I write, comes from them, my friends.

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