Sdhlain: What's New

[2003.01.19.2128]: Typo catch on the First Sdhlain.

[2003.01.19.0026]: Purple finally caught up on the First Sdhlain as well; now it's up to the rest of the authors. Fixed a few assorted typos in the First Sdhlain as well, most of them caught by Purple.

[2003.01.18.0057]: Got Red's blurb for the kher page, finally.

[2003.01.16.1925]: Typo fixed in the Third Sdhlain; continuity error fixed in the First.

[2003.01.16.1519]: New entry to the Second Sdhlain. Fixed a few typographical errors in the first sdhlai of it as well.

[2003.01.14.1642]: Added a new entry to the Third Sdhlain. Also fixed a few errors on the front page; the Third Sdhlain is on sdhlai three, not one. Hopefully updates will be more frequent now.

[2003.01.13.1952]: And the delays, they just keep on growin'. I've actually had the next two entries for the First Sdhlain for a while; only now have I put them up. I also did some minor editing on said Sdhlain, to sync up the name of Walks-in-Shadow's race. Part of the problem with doing these stories over such a long period is a lack of temporal continuity. I suggest that all authors go back and reread their stories in their entirety--really read them, not just skim--to refamiliarize themselves with their characters.

[2002.11.17.2327]: Apologies for the even longer delay since the last update. Things have been hectic, to say the least. Purple has an update for the First Sdhlain, and ey're promising more updates in the next few days. I also fixed a minor typographical error in the first sdhlai of the First Sdhlain.

[2002.10.20.2310]: Sorry about the long delay between updates. I've actually had most of the updates for a while; I've just been busy with contest stuff and with a disgustingly addictive new game. Blah. Anyway, all three sdhlain are updated. Note that the First Sdhlain has /two/ updates in on go; they're both part of the fifth sdhlai, though, so that shouldn't be a problem.

[2002.10.13.2253]: Updated the Third Sdhlain. Also fixed a few typos and minor issues on various pages.

[2002.10.12.1245]: Updated the First Sdhlain, and cleaned up a few minor issues with both the Second and Third Sdhlain.

[2002.10.12.1023]: Updated the Third Sdhlain.

[2002.10.09.1616]: Fixed a few problems with the fourth sdhlai of The First Sdhlain.

[2002.10.07.0040]: Updated the First Sdhlain.

[2002.10.07.2047]: Updated the Second Sdhlain.

[2002.10.07.1403]: Updated the First Sdhlain.

[2002.10.06.2316]: Quick style update to the way the colours are shown for the last update. I think it looks nicer, and it's easier for me to keep track of. I still want the full names and colours for the actual links, since that's an easy way to remind people that it's their turn in a given story.

[2002.10.06.2306]: To make things easier to see, not to mention make updates more visible, I've integrated the colours into the main page. Each author has an official 'colour' name now. If you don't like your name, please let me know; it needs to be a name of the colour, not some other name. I updated the kher page to match names with the listings.

[2002.10.06.2247]: Second Sdhlain updated. I'm running out of witticisms to put here.

[2002.10.06.1309]: First Sdhlain updated.

[2002.10.06.1009]: The third and final entry of the First Sdhlain's third sdhlai is up. Along with that is the second part of the Third Sdhlain's first sdhlai.

[2002.10.05.1131]: Added Blue's portion of The First Sdhlain's third sdhlai. A new kher will be joining us on that story soon, and their placeholder entry is on the kher page.

[2002.10.04.2255]: Major update tonight. Added new parts of both the First and Second Sdhlain, and added The Third Sdhlain. Things are definitely picking up . . .

[2002.10.02.2037]: Added the second kher's descriptive line. Now they're all up. Yay!

[2002.10.01.2347]: Added the third kher's descriptive line. Time for bed. It's actually pretty surprising, even to me, how much this site has bloomed since I brought it up Saturday. Lots of people want to flex their writing muscles. We'll ignore for the moment that I've twisted an arm or two. I didn't have to twist that hard.

[2002.10.01.2314]: Started the Second Sdhlain. The participants in this one are the first and fourth kher. The fourth kher also gave me eir line for the kher page; I put it up as well.

[2002.10.01.1733]: Added the fourth kher.

[2002.10.01.1412]: Added the second part of sdhlai 2 of The First Sdhlain. I'm busy praising HTML Tidy at the moment--it showed me how to do the font colours without resorting to old-school FONT tags. I couldn't find a clear way to do it in any of the tutorials I read; leave it to a program to show me. The kher page and the two currently-posted sdhlai have been updated to use the new stylesheet and spans.

[2002.09.30.2330]: I realized that since colour plays such an integral part of this project, I needed to get rid of all of the distracting extra colour on the pages. So I converted every page to the light grey that the kher page already used; this way it's impossible (or, at least, less possible) to get confused as to who wrote what. CSS rocks my world. Now people can choose the CSS colours with feckless abandon.

[2002.09.30.2241]: Added a page for us kher, mainly to keep track of who's who for me, but also for a little self-expression. No, I'm not telling you the real names of anyone, but I seriously doubt it'd be difficult to discover if you were so inclined.

[2002.09.30.2157]: Upded sdhlai 1 of The First Sdhlain, adding some italicizing that Blue wanted. Also added an entry in the FAQ that further explained the 'rules of the game,' as it were, because those were sorely lacking. Sorry if I misled anyone about anything.

[2002.09.29.1428]: Added a FAQ, which is a misnomer if ever there was one. However, it should answer a few questions that some of my friends have had.

[2002.09.29.1314]: Added the first half of The First Sdhlain: Sdhlai 2. Fixed a few minor typographical issues in Sdhlai 1 of said sdhlain. I have a hunch that this page will fill up fairly quickly if I add an entry for every update to the sdhlai. Suggestions for a better solution?

[2002.09.29.1242]: Added this What's New page. I also removed the 'Complete' page for The First Sdhlain. Why? Sdhlain are meant to be read as a cycle. There is an intentional breath between each sdhlai, and having them all on one page masks that intention. Sure, the different colours make it obvious that there is some sort of pattern going on, but it is not as discrete as actually breaking the sdhlain down into its separate sdhlai and leaving it that way.

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