Worldbreaker Sessions

Worldbreaker is a game I invented, inspired by what I had read of Universalis before I actually got a copy of the game. It's much, much rules-lighter than Universalis, but it's meant for creating settings, not story. And it works surprisingly well.

The rule (yes, singular) can be found on my personal website; here are some actual play results for you to enjoy, including the first game, which gave the game itself its name.

The Worldbreaker [Played 2006.10.11]

The Dusk of Earth [Played 2006.10.16]

The Bosun Tribe [Played 2006.10.21]

After the Fire [Played 2007.09.23]

The Four-Fold War [Played 2007.10.28]

Last Update: 2007.10.29.1413