I sit at my computer, composing this with one of the most unique programs I have ever used. As I write,the act of composition becomes quicker and quicker;for example,that second "quicker" comes easy, but the punctuation does not. The program is learning letter patterns as I gently move the mouse back and forth. I look up and see that I have missed a lot of separating spaces; I make an on_the-spot decision to corect nothing I do not immediately catch. The feeling is surreal. Watching words repeated become easier and easier to enter, in real time, is an experience somewhere between surreal and amazing. (I realize that I am repeating descriptive words too frequently; stream-of-consciousness writing is hard to make clever when one does not cheat.) Writing is tiring, but also exhilirating.

I make use of my first paragraph break.

The second is much easier to find.

Some sentences,the program seems to almost predict; the knowledge of a guiding statistical model does little to damage the illusion. While this particular program__Dasher-may not be the one to replace current interfaces, it's one hell of a glimpse,

(This text is unedited Dasher output.)

Perhaps it helps to note that I didn't use the provided "seed" text.


Everything between the sets of dashes is unedited, as it states, other than the addition of carriage return tags to replace the 'paragraph' tags from Dancer. It ain't brilliant prose, but . . . that's not the point.

The Dasher website is here. (I try things like "Give it a try; you'll like it." None of them fit.) The program stands for itself. (Good enough.)

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