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I ramble a lot. If you've ever talked to me on the 'net or in real life, you've probably noticed that I can keep going with a conversation for much longer than is necessary. It's just a habit of mine. [By the way--if it bothers you, tell me. I won't take it personally. Well, mostly not.]

So, this is intended to collect those sorts of things, things that aren't researched essays. I could have called them rants, but I think that 'rambles' shows more closely my typical intent with them.

Newest Ramble: Game One Thousand [2004.08.15]

Dasher [2003.08.01]
Game One Thousand [2004.08.15]
The Great Game Sale [2002.08.16]
Past the Past [2002.09.09] (Updated 2002.09.09)

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