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[2008.09.29.0131]: Even longer this time. A friendly reader pointed out that the OpenOffice document versions I had of Sleep and Cycle's End Version 0 were absolutely ancient. So there are new versions that bring them out of the Document Stone Ages. The content is unaltered.

[2007.03.13.2024]: Well, only five months since the last update this time. I made up a new game, Pick Your Poison, which you can find here. It's fun!

[2006.10.12.1938]: Almost two years since an update, which is pretty godsdamned shameful. But it's a new game I invented, so there. Check out Worldbreaker in the Games section. Or don't, see if I care.

[2004.10.10.1326]: A review of Koudelka! Oh, my! I finally went back and played this game from start to finish, mainly because Shadow Hearts: Covenant just came out, which means I have to beat Shadow Hearts, which means I had to beat Koudelka . . . Insane? Me? Nah.

I'm still procrastinating on writing my X-Files review. I feel my B5 one was woefully inadequate . . . and X ran for twice as long! Urk.

[2004.08.22.2148]: Put up my review of Final Fantasy III. I stayed good to my word--I actually wrote it this past Monday, but I sat on it until today, and I think the editing really tightened it up. Looks like that'll be the standard from now on, assuming I remember.

Now I've got to resist the urge to take the digital scalpel to the rest of my pages . . .

[2004.08.15.2235]: Updated a number of other reviews. It sure looks like I probably shouldn't put up any page without giving it a couple of days "sitting time," tidying up the wording and the like when I'm not so close to the writing. That said, I'll be damned if I take down Game One Thousand tonight. Just don't be surprised if it's worded differently in a few days.

[2004.08.15.2217]: I've been saying I'd put up a new ramble to my friends for a couple of weeks, so I finally got around to doing it. You know where to look; it's Game One Thousand, and you get no points for guessing what it's about. I also took the time to tweak the Everblue 2 review a bit; it had some sloppiness that bugged me while I was reading it. Instead of working on another review. Bleh.

[2004.05.27.2032]: Beat Everblue 2. What, you've never heard of it? Surely you jest! It's the best scuba diving RPG ever released here in the States! (It's the only one, but that's a minor note.) The review is up.

[2004.05.22.0002]: Finally, finally finished watching all of Babylon 5 proper. Had to write a "review." It's in the usual location.

If you don't mind, I think I'll hibernate now. Damn JMS for that last episode. I didn't really need to cry tonight, y'know?

[2004.05.16.2209]: At a friend's request, I hyperlinked the 'Latest Review' and 'Recent Reviews' on the main review page. I didn't do it originally, since I wanted people to explore the site, but in this era of tabbed browsing I'd want the links myself.

[2004.05.16.1726]: Bleh. Final Fantasy II should be in a PSX section, so now it is. Yes, I'm an anal-retentive geek. Get over it.

[2004.05.16.1705]: Three! Three reviews! Bwa ha ha . . . The Count is proud of my three reviews in one day, and I can't blame him. Some bug must have bitten me or something. A review for Alter Echo is up in the brand new Xbox section. I also added a 'Recent Reviews' on the main Review page for the time being, since, well, there have actually been updates in fairly rapid succession. It'll eventually go away when I stop updating again, of course.

[2004.05.16.1323]:Two reviews in two days! (Don't worry, I won't make it a habit.) My review of Road Trip is up. Games shouldn't be that fun.

[2004.05.16.0038]: Remind me to look over my reviews more carefully. Fixed up some issues with the new Dark Cloud review. Mixed up the stylesheets some more too.

[2004.05.16.0024]: I'm just a regular person-who-updates today. Decided to finally put contact information on the site--although chances are great that if you're looking at this site you know how to contact me, there's always a couple of outliers--and removed my projects page, since it's so woefully out of date that I'd basically have to rewrite it from scratch.

[2004.05.16.0017]: In typical anal-rententive style, I just went through the entire site and normalized the filenames for the various webpages. Those that are made up of more than one word should now look-like-this.html instead of lookinglikethis.html or even_looking_like_this.html. I suppose that's the sort of thing that happens when you're updating the site so infrequently that you can't remember if you have a scheme or not.

[2004.05.16.0005]: I can't believe I'm doing two updates within a week of each other. Two substantial updates, at that. There's a new review up, for Dark Cloud, which necessarily notes the inauguration of my Playstation 2 review section. Joy!

[2004.05.09.2119]: Reread my Final Fantasy II review; there were some incorrect statements, a typo or two, and some bad grammar. (Just like that last sentence!) Cleaned it up. I'm anal like that. If you see anything else, of ocurse, let me know.

[2004.05.08.1956]: Just under six months since I did my last update. Sigh. Stupid life, always getting in the way. Nonetheless, I finally beat Final Fantasy II. (I think every time I say that sentence I should hear angelic trumpets or something.) A review is in the proper location, for your reading enjoyment.

[2003.11.17.2108]: I started to work on a new Lists section, meant for the old game lists along with some actual useful content (a Strategy RPG list being the primary initial goal), but I didn't like the way it was turning out; I may end up doing something similar on the Wikipedia and just linking to it from here. Nonetheless, poking through the website made me realize certain stylesheets were underutilized, so I jiggled a few pages around. This update text is longer than the sum total of visible changes . . . ah, well.

[2003.08.01.0039]: Everything is woefully out-of-date, but at least I have a new Ramble up.

[2003.03.16.2309]: My Projects page is no longer quite so woefully out of date.

[2003.02.16.2049]: A friend caught a minor typo on the Sparrow/Children of God review. I fixed it.

[2003.01.14.1223]: It's been quite a while since I've updated this section of the site. Nevertheless, a new review is up, this time for a pair of books: The Sparrow and Children of God. They were absolutely amazing; I'm not sure how well my rambles represent that, but there you have it.

[2002.09.29.1155]: There's actually more than one project on this site now. Along with the Hub, we now have a site devoted to sdhlain. No idea what that is? Check it out and see.

[2002.09.22.2117]: Just finished the review for Otherland. Yee. Enjoy. I also updated the Project List to make it reflect reality ever-so-slightly more accurately.

[2002.09.22.2036]: I'm planning on doing a full-scale update tonight, since I actually finished the Otherland series and I had my game project approved by Gabi. For the time being, though, I added a few new stylesheets and decided to update some of the pages to use them. Nothing much, but I thought a few extra colours would help. I also toned down the 'green' in the green stylesheet to make it more readable.

[2002.09.09.0949]: Some of the dates in 'Past the Past' just didn't ring true. I did some research--it's amazing just how useful Google Groups can be--and found the original message that I read, in alt.religion.wicca, for the Silver Circle. It was posted on July 29th, 1996. I updated the dates in the ramble to be correct, and updated Morgana's age as well. I think I have it right this time. The fact that I'm not sure is all the more depressing. None of the other content of the ramble was changed, however.

[2002.09.09.0006]: The 'Past the Past' ramble just had to be written. If I didn't, even more of it would have slipped from my memory. So . . . yeah.

[2002.09.08.2124]: I finally got around to updating the Projects page, which should really not matter to anyone unless you're particularly interested in the pettier parts of my life. On a more useful note, I wrote a review of Donnie Darko, which I just rewatched this weekend with a friend. That movie blows my mind every time I see it.

[2002.08.20.0035]: Looked at Sleep and saw that the Evil Formatting Demon had munged a lot of stuff in it. The spaces before and after the double dashes bothered my modern sensibilities as well. So I fixed both the AbiWord and OpenOffice files up and updated their copyrights. If you don't care about minor aesthetic issues, feel free to stick with the older version--the content itself is unchanged.

[2002.08.19.0103]: I've had a very incomplete attempt at writing up the rules for Bouré lying around hidden on the site for a while. In a fit of procrastination, when I should have been working on my current story, I decided that it would be a good idea to finish it up lest it languish forever. I have to admit that I was motivated by a close personal friend who would like to spread the addiction in Australia. So, er, it's done.

[2002.08.16.2230]: In quite possibly the fastest post-update update, I put up a little blather about games and my game sale in the brand-new Rambles section. I'm still looking for more of my writing that I wouldn't mind people seeing on the site. Unfortunately, there isn't much.

[2002.08.12.1435]: Decided that a 'by date' index of the fiction wouldn't necessarily be a bad idea. It might even entice me to put more up. (Yeah, right.) Also decided that it would make sense to put the time of What's New updated on the main page, for days like this when I actually do more than one update.

[2002.08.12.1422]: Finally, some of my writing. I actually put up two stories, one abandoned and one complete. They're vastly different stories, from different times in my life, and I think they're just as indicative of the sorts of things that run around my mind as anything else. I hope to put more stuff up, of course, but I need to write some more or decide just how suitable any of the rest of my writing is. A lot of stuff that I wrote is abandoned and, to be honest, not particularly interesting. We'll see.

[2002.08.12.0006]: The video game sale is still on. Games are moving slowly, but they are moving. More importantly, I've finally decided that it's time to put up at least one piece of my writing. So prepare to have a (virtual) copy of some gen-u-ine Phil fiction, no later than tomorrow! We'll ignore the fact that I wrote it when I was thirteen.

[2002.08.04.1551]: Well, I'm selling my videogame collection. You can find links to the lists here.

[2002.06.23.1943]: I finally wrote the damned review of Riverworld. Argh. This was one of the toughest things I've had to write in a while, but I'm glad that I wrote it. Verbalizing a few of the problems that I had with the series--along with some of the things that I enjoyed about it--let me reflect on my own writing, and showed me some of the problems I have with it as well. I also added a 'by date' review index (with all two reviews in it!) which will hopefully be handy for people who don't check the site particularly often. Of course, that implies that it'll actually be updated more than rarely. Cross your fingers. Or, on second thought, don't--they may get very cramped.

[2002.06.18.1410]: Updated the projects page. I have to write my review of Riverworld today, since the books are due back at the library . . . today. Expect to see it by tonight.

[2002.06.08.1639]: Finally write a review! Final Fantasy is up and ready to be read. This required making a lot of mostly-blank index.htmls; damn my anal-retentive organization. I'm sure I'll be glad for it a year down the road when I have more reviews, though. I need to toss out a few more .css files, so I can have more colours; the problem is that red is pretty harsh on the eyes. Maybe a cyan one? Hmm.

[2002.06.07.2351]: Minor updates. Blocked off the /css page and made it fit in-theme. Noticed that my dates were for May, not June. Ugh. I really, really need to write reviews for Riverworld and Final Fantasy. This is more self-nagging.

[2002.06.05.0106]: Strange that this is happening at almost the exact same time as the last update. I added more index.htmls to disguise empty directories, and added some more stylesheets so that all the pages could be different pretty colours. No other changes, I'm afraid. I just got River of Eternity back from Isaac, so I plan on reviewing the Riverworld saga soon; I also want to write a review for the original Final Fantasy.

[2002.06.03.0106]: First upload.

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